Use more languages, not only one

In math we select the best notation to disentangle the problem in different parts and solve them, this is the correct way to interpret the separation of concerns in software too, it’s not a formal, static approach, but a problem specific, always new discovery. For example, the interesting part is that Bayes formula has a false positive rate that, even if low, can become prevalent when the prior probability is also low! 3blue1brown’s decoupling of the medical test paradox via odds is also cool.

Same concept in my work as programmer:

The users want the ability to select one or more regions and see the results over last n days…
The solution is not haskell but just “normal” stacking charts, the real-world business version of the monoid category, by highcharts javascript.

Now, that’s true in any environment: mobile, web server and desktop apps, see the following single example that includes all them (android open source app for mobile, nginx as web server for rtmp protocol and obs as qt desktop app!) let’s say you want to use your mobile camera as a pc webcam: don’t go with dangerous, expensive, proprietary apps, having high risks for security and privacy.

A free open-source RTMP client for Android on github, Yasea.
It works, I’ve cloned the repo, built it in my Android Studio and tested it for you on my mobile.
How to Setup OBS with NGINX on Windows for RTMP Streaming on Ryan Zehm’s channel.
OBS main tutorial here!