Query predicates composition in LINQ to DB


LINQ to DB is a very interesting but light Object-Relational Mapping for C#. Here is my current issue with this nice tool.

Basically I need the equivalent of LINQ to Entities: Combining Predicates or a PredicateBuilder.

How can that be achieved in LINQ to DB?


I’ve managed to use Intersect to conditionally add more predicates in AND (similar way using Concat for OR) Quick example below:

private ObservableCollection<db_user> myusers = new ObservableCollection<db_user>();
void Refresh(ObservableCollection<db_user> myusers)
    using (var db = new db_userContext())
        var query1 = from p in db.db_user
            where p.user_init.StartsWith("C") 
            select p;
        var query2 = from p in db.db_user
            where p.user_init.EndsWith("U") 
            select p;
        var query3 = from p in db.db_user
            where p.test
            select p;
        var queryA = query1;
        if (cb_U.IsChecked != null && (bool)cb_U.IsChecked) {
            queryA = queryA.Intersect(query2);
        if (cb_Test.IsChecked != null && (bool)cb_Test.IsChecked) {
            queryA = queryA.Intersect(query3);
        var SQL_A = GetInstanceField(queryA.GetType().BaseType,queryA,"_sqlText");
        List<db_user> ret_val = queryA.ToList();
        foreach (db_user  usr in ret_val) {

An in where clause can be also directly added and simply conditioned to the existence of at least one item, like in the next example with an array of int (int[] inWhere):

                DateTime upTo = new DateTime(2015,1,1);
                var query = from p in db.Products
                    where p.Id <=1000 && p.CreationDate < upTo 
                    && (inWhere.Length==0 || inWhere.Contains(p.order))
                    orderby p.Id ascending
                    select p;

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