Testing SqLite version

Here is a simple code example for this SO question.

Prior to version 3.6.19, SQLite did not support foreign key constraints.

After running the following code in debug mode, you should see the current library version from the debug output. Replace it with another log as you prefer.



SQLiteConnection dbConnection = new SQLiteConnection(@"New.db");
string Head_Create = @"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Head
                                                    (ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL
                                                    , A TEXT
                                                    , B TEXT
                                                    , C TEXT
                                                    , D TEXT
                                                    , E TEXT

ISQLiteStatement cnStatement_Head1 = dbConnection.Prepare(Head_Create);

string check_version = "select sqlite_version()";
ISQLiteStatement check_stmnt = dbConnection.Prepare(check_version);
string out_version = check_stmnt.GetText(0);
Debug.WriteLine("sqlite vers: " + out_version);

string SQLite_Metrados_Head_Pragma = "PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON";
ISQLiteStatement cnStatement_Head2 = dbConnection.Prepare(SQLite_Metrados_Head_Pragma);

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