Welcome to .Net C# development!!

Hi all, this is my website about software development. I want to start trying to distinguish between trendy fashion and solid project design. Here we go

Programming: an art or a science?

Let’s start from a general app, a desktop tool. The fact that it is not a web app simply means that it is not hosted in a browser! But we still need to follow a paradigm and we will project a multi-layer app.

async/await : the trendy way


You will find so many complex and difficult definitions, but they don’t get to the real point: if you make it async, it will go parallel; if you await, only that async method will block, contrary to the wait command.

 Task Parallel Library

When you encounter a … sponsor of TPL, ask yourself

  1. what am I really supposed to do?
  2. is it a cpu-bound or an i/o bound task?
  3. is a background worker definitely wrong?

Starting from the latter, the answer is no! Especially if over 10 years of experience in the field and you know about the old school of threading.

remember the Turing machine…

Stay tuned,  we’ll get in depth soon: find a demo project on GitHub here

Functional Programming

Last but not least, I’m considering a soft transition to separation of concerns in the functional style.

You may want to read an old but good approach: a hybrid language between C# and F#

Not sure about what a monad is? 🙂 Read my post about how I’ve implemented the Maybe monad in C# or look at my functional viewmodel in F# or one of my latest articles from the menu, like classical C# versus pure F#.

One thought on “Welcome to .Net C# development!!

  1. Another example of trendy vs solid Dev is the nosql + hadoop mania… If you need to go really fast, adopt hardware solid state devices and software high concurrency in a low latency network/ grid in optical fibers. From a logical perspective, if you are distinguishing between EF and linq2sql, you are wasting time: keep it simple, find a light ORM like linq2db…
    Have fun!


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